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It's no joke, Tuco. It's a poker playing robot. You see, there are two kinds of poker bots in this world: those selling repackaged open-source code, and those that are original pieces of software. You want the original software.

Poker Bot Downloading Tips

You can’t win at poker just by having a good hand. To play a whole winning session requires skill, experience and of course, luck. A gambler would always know when, why and how much to bet and if their opponents are setting up their traps and bluffing out their way from the pot. Before downloading a poker bot, you should understand these aspects of the game.

But you’re not a gambler yet. So knowing what poker skills are needed, as well as a good general poker strategy for your own, is going to be the survival manual to have on the green table. Of course there are a hundred ways to go about poker but mastering these three simple skills and characteristics will be your aid in formulating your own general poker strategy:  


I don’t mean literal mind reading but one of the most basic skills that one has to learn in poker is teaching oneself to become a “detective.” This pertinent aspect of poker is essential in the sense that you must learn the ability to read the opponent’s hand through their body language, mannerisms and shown emotions across the table. Good players don’t see their hand yet once the cards are dealt to them and instead use that time to observer the reactions of their opponents. Noticing a pattern after a few rounds should give you the indication of how they react and how you will counter act with them. Do that and the table is yours. 

Now a bot cannot do that of course; however software does exist to gather stats on your opponents. The best ones are Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager. Some poker bot downloads now can interact with these stat-programs and make decisions based on the tendencies of your online opponents!

Impatience Bad
There is nothing worse that can ruin a relatively good hand than an impatient gambler. A gambler must be patience enough to wait for the right time to strike and bet big so that he can finish the whole session with a winning smile. In any general poker strategy, persistence and discipline will be the key in laying down good hands even when they know that their hand is already on the losing end. Managing a bankroll will be good too but that will also need discipline too especially if it is hard for you quit when you feel that you are on a winning streak. Control is crucial to every aspect – from betting to raising to bluffing and most especially, in quitting when it’s not just not your day. This is an area that bots excel at and human players don't.
Adapt and Improvise
Let us face reality, you can’t win them all. So the next best option is knowing how to minimize the cost of losses and this could only be done if you know how to adapt and improvise. Adapting to the table is easy but improvising is a gamble in itself. To adapt to the opponents, switching gears will be a must. When the opponent gets the idea of how you play, you need to shake them off the next rounds. Bluff some pots, take their blinds and let them feel they are winning. So when the right cards come to your hand, you bet big, then you take them all out. Remember, the worst thing in a player is this word: predictability.
The best poker bot download programs randomize their actions to avoid predictability and can change playing profiles based on a defined set of conditions.

Disclaimer: This website is for entertainment purposes only and isn't recommending a darn thing. It's just the observations and opinions of one guy. I ain't selling anything; I just like to write. Do not go out and buy a poker bot and expect it to start winning for you based on this website. Poker is gambling and you might lose money playing, with or without software helping you. Use you head for something other than a hat-rack and do your own research before buying any software product. I don't necessarily recommend any of them.

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